Giving too much of yourself to all the wrong people…

You see giving too much of yourself to all the wrong people will serve you no good doings, it will only leave you with pain and the lingering thoughts of what should have happened long ago. The thing about love is the thought of having to let go only enters your mind as losing something that once meant the world to you, only to have it thrown in your face that it never mattered anyway. I too have made the mistake of holding on too long, and i too have ended up with lingering thoughts of the past and how things were so good, too good to be true, in fact i too have lost myself in the illusion of  what letting go may bring. I feared for the goodbye and praised the pain it has caused me. Although i love myself, the fact of the matter is that i never loved myself enough to value myself past the mistreatment. I never loved me so much until i knew pain other than the hurt i encountered as i child. I know knew pain coming from the person who said that they loved me, and maybe they once cherished the person that i was, and now that the person that i am has changed so has the situation. The truth is is that love has a way of changing you. All of the good with the bad and all of the happiness with the sad eventually evolves into one big memoir of the life before and after you loved. Love can be the happiest thing and at the same time be the most heart wrenching feeling that ever entered your life. I have learned that giving too much of yourself to all the wrong people can make a hell of a person out of you and weather you accept it or you walk away either way it taught you a lesson….Sometimes the love that we are willingly giving to others should be within us first because only then is when we know our worth and we can value ourselves and walk away when we know that we deserve better. Love is something we all should experience, so don’t let one broken heart tear you away from ever feeling the blissful tingling and the butterflies that develop inside. Sometimes the change that you have become is what makes you stronger. 


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