Life After a Break up…

My life has become more and more consumed with work and work people. I have noticed how much time i have put into people who won’t even jump a puddle for me. I am so grateful that i got the chance to see myself, and the loving person i can be for someone else, while managing to remain strong and still handle her business. I failed to believe that God placed people in your life for a reason, either its their season or theres a lesson in the blessing. I do not regret ever Loving, i do not reget giving too much love-I regret the amount of time it took for me to see that this was something that was Not meant for me.

I have learned that in the midst of my heart wrenching break up, I still had me to live for and regardless of the fact that he would be there or not, i still had to pick myself up and move forward. I loved hard and i gave the best of me and it still failed, but there is a reason behind everything and i have no doubt in my mind that God will bring me something better.

My life is now consumed with what Mynika wants and need and no one else. I love me for my stregnth and my courage to love even if i was going to get hurt, fact is that i LOVED.


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